Finally! A week after the day, I finally get the chance to look through my camera, see what photos are allowed online (and that I can be bothered to put online, certainly not all 300 of them!) and write our account of the party.

By some miracle we were actually all set and ready for 7, the time on the invites. Food was cooked and laid out, decorations were up and lit, we were dressed, it was impressive let me tell you *grins*

We had carved our pumpkins Thursday night and I had the cake all made.. well, okay, it was mostly styrofoam, cheaper and allowing for a more impressive looking cake!

The bar followed DmentD’s old tradition of being the blacklight room. We followed a couple of other old traditions too, making a big entryway, and taking photos of everyone by it as they arrived.

I’m not entirely sure what to say here about the party.. it was a party! Fun was had, drinks were drunk. Sadly it appears that DmentD’s camera got damaged, but the rest of the house is still in tact! We attempted a game, we even had prizes, and had more planned just in case, but the vibe didn’t swing that way.

The fire pit got christened! A momentous occasion, and something we’ve been dying to do since May. We in fact used it twice, at the party and then just DmentD and I, snuggled under a blanket together in front of it on the Sunday night.

We ended the party by smashing up a few of the pumpkins.. don’t ask why, there’s no real reason except “because we could”.. and it meant they were pre smashed and ready to go into our compost the next day *grins* You’ll have to go to the gallery to see those videos.

It took us til today to get everything fully cleaned up. We had taken all the decorations down and moved them all into the dining room.. a kind of anti-staging area!

However we’ve spent this week working on a wedding cake for the lovely ladies over at Freak Revolution so we didn’t have time to clean up fully.

Today everything got attacked. Decorations were put in their boxes and put back in the attic, floors were hoovered and mopped, furniture was put back where it was supposed to be.. And then we both heaved a big sigh of relief!

The rest of the photos that I had the energy to upload are in the gallery

Cake photos are with all the other cakes

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