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Saturday morning we were up ready for a visit to the Sunset Valley Farmers Market. It was one we had heard about, and heard good reviews for. And we had been told most definitely better than the one on 4th that we went to last year.

We went as in my search for a decent mince recipe (so I can make mince pies at Christmas) I discovered a business in town called Full English, an American man and an English woman got together and are now making ‘traditional’ English sweets and savouries. Well, of course, when I found out they were at the farmers market I had to go and test them out!

The weather wasn’t too great, somewhere between showery and pouring down! We got some pasties from them, I had the Cornish, and DmentD had the lamb (nothing as good as the Tintagel pasties, but they definitely scratched that itch). The market had moved for this week, so it was a little smaller than usual from what I gather. But we had a very nice wander round. DmentD found a new coffee to try out and I had some delicious hot spiced cider. Then on the way out we picked up a baby banana plant for the garden. Decorative, and hopefully in a year or so , fruit bearing.

Even with the rain the outing put us in such a good mood for the day, a very pleasant way to start the weekend.

ThenĀ  we were off for the start of Project Halloween. Pricing out some items for DmentD’s costume (still haven’t decided on mine) and trying to find a Spirit store for some inspiration.

We went to the matinee of Zombieland, which was everything it promised to be, spent a large portion of the film laughing. You’ll never believe the cameo they had, done so cleverly and completely unexpected!

We finished yesterday grilling some dead animal, we made burgers, and our guests made caramel apples in favour of the season!

This week has been pretty good on the whole. We went to see 9 last weekend, and I’ve been working on my bodice. It’s not actually been taking all that long if you count the hours, it’s just taken me over a week so far as I’m doing it in small spurts. It’s coming together nicely though.

Work’s going alright, we had a new extern start this week. The start of my week wasn’t too great, leaving on Tuesday feeling irritated and frustrated for several reasons, but it perked up and by the end of the week things were going well.

  1. the Provident Woman Said,

    I have never had mince pie. I may have to look that one up and try it.

  2. Sweets Said,

    The trick to an English mince pie is for it to contain no meat at all, only suet (though I’m told I may have to forgo that since it’s hard to find here).
    I’ll put up the recipe I have once I’ve tried it and know it works.

    Oh, and welcome to eatbake, good to meet you!

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