You know I don’t update this blog very often when the post from last year’s trip to the ren faire is still on the front page when I’m writing this year’s trip!

We’ve been really enjoying the Sherwood Ren Faire. Not only is it nice and close so we can make it as a day trip (Es also appreciates this fact), but it’s nice to see it grow and evolve as they get a little older.

We got there nice and early this year, almost immediately after they had opened. DmentD got accosted by a “frenchman” who wanted to use him as research for his “gay pirate romance novel”.. he settled for a hug *grins*

After some coffee sat listening to bagpipes of all things we watched the pirate show. Mostly (read: definitely) aimed at kids, but entertaining!

A leisurely wander about stopping for the glass blowing display (he made a beer tankard) and the jousting. A different crew form last year, but full contact. I do love a good joust!

We ended the day at the pub with a bottle of mead and the Bedlam Bards!

Photos in the usual spot – see you next year Sherwood!

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