8 months later I’m finally finished. I started this scarf for DmentD as a project after Christmas. It wouldn’t take long and then I could get started on teaching myself socks.

After lots of picking it up and putting it down and having it sat of the coffee table staring at me… accusing me of abandoning it, I finally got the gumption to finally finish it. A few afternoons of really working on it, while watching the first two seasons of The Tudors, and it’s done.

It took so long as it has a pattern, so I couldn’t just sit back and knit, I had to be looking at the pattern, seeing what came next. Though, 8 skulls later I needed the pattern less! It’s what is known as an illusion pattern, from straight on the scarf looks innocuously stripy. Look at it from the side though, and the pattern is revealed.

DmentD wanted a long scarf.. An obscenely long scarf. This is certainly it. With each skull and crossbone coming in at just over a foot the scarf measures 8.8 feet.. it stretches a little as you wear it too so it seems longer. The tassles take it to 9 feet even.. I think that counts as obscenely long!

And now, I still don’t get to teach myself socks. Since everyone is sprogging (don’t drink the water!) I plan on knitting some cute adorable baby things first.

  1. Mum Said,

    Well done:-)

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