I Had A Dream

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I wasn’t going to say more than I’ve already said on twitter about it, but DmentD was sure that I needed to write it up in detail it was that entertaining to him.. and while I don’t usually do what he tells me *grins* I decided that since it was weird and strange and bizarre the rest of the world needed to know about it.

I had been captured, by witches, and was tied in the centre of a clearing in the middle of the woods to be sacrificed to the big black bear that lived there. It was the middle of the night and the bear came along, but instead of mauling me he sat down and talked to me. That’s right, it’s now a talking big black bear.

He released me, but told me to stay in the clearing overnight and he would see me home safely in the morning. While I slept I dreamed. I dreamed about a cake, a wonderful cake, an amazing cake. And when I woke in the morning I had to make the cake for the bear… in the woods… with no ingredients or facilities. But somehow I managed it and the cake was made. I gave it to the bear and then went home.

I would love to know what any dream analysers can make of that crazy bizarreness!

As soon as I woke I had to write down the cake idea as it truly was an awesome cake and I need to make it some day!

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