Saturday was a beautiful day – cool and sunny. And more importantly, I wasn’t working. So we headed to the Faire! Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire to be exact. While the ren faire is a day out we both enjoy we haven’t made it to one in a couple years, in fact the last faire we went to was Sherwood in it’s opening year, two years ago.

Costumes were pulled out the closet and dusted off and off we set.

We had a really nice relaxed day. We had an idea of a few shows we wanted to see and we took the rest as it came. Stopping for a coffee and sitting on a patio overlooking one stage for a while (very nice band, good backround music), stopping at another show because the guy was playing with fire *grins*

The first show we wanted to hit up was the falconry, and I’m glad we did. It was very informative, they kept the birds moving from post to post so everyone could get a good look. The only downside was it wasn’t shaded!

Right after the falconry was the joust. Performed by Knights of Mayhem, who armour up and go full contact. Much better than the jousting at Texas ren when we saw it (oh look, the lance came within 5 foot of me, I shall leap off my horse). One of the team sadly had a hurt back which hindered the joust a little, but it was a very good show. If they’re ever near you I’d recommend them, they put on a good show.

We caught the “Dirty at 3.30″ by the Bedlam Bards. Entertaining and fun to listen to with a glass of mead. We then finished up with the mud show before heading home. Worn out, dusty, tired and happy! We’ll try not to leave it so long next time.

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