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More Randomness

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Not really much to say, not a lot is going on. But here’s a few more random photos…

Firstly a couple of a fly that was bugging me when I was trying to cook.

Then the new grass growing in the yard.

Finally, my new hair cut.

Catch Up

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Life has been plodding along, in the way that it does. We’ve been busy with CC amongst other things.

We’re onto our 5th brew now.. well 4th beer and 1 mead.. it’s still a long way off but I can’t wait for the mead to be done. It’s all such an interesting process, I’m persuading DmentD to write a series of posts on how to brew for CC.

Sadly, my camera, that has served me well over the past year and a bit, took a death defying leap from the kitchen table.. that wasn’t so death defying.. It died! I was trying to get that >just perfect< shot of me piping crosses onto the hot cross buns and failed! Thankfully I managed to save the photos already on there and used DmentD’s old broken camera to get a couple finished shots, not the greatest, but acceptable. So a new camera was duly ordered and arrived quicker than the estimate – thankfully. I hadn’t realised how many things I had gotten in to the habit of taking photos of until I couldn’t!

So this morning I was out in the garden playing about with settings and seeing what I could do with close ups and macro shots.. I need to find a place I can take wide-angle photos too to play about and see what I can do with them.

We had our crawfish boil at the start of the month. I made two king cakes (a cinnamon and a cream cheese) and then some cafe su da ice cream and Guinness ice cream. The Guinness one still needs some work, but the cafe su da was a huge hit with most of the half gallon I made getting eaten up!

Work is still going well, I’m enjoying it and had my first pay check last week.. always a good thing!

While sorting through photos I realised I had the ones from the Sherwood Forest Ren Faire that I hadn’t uploaded, how very lax of me! I didn’t even write about the day! It wasn’t a huge faire, not as big as the one we go to in Autumn. But it was only their first year. Taking that into consideration it was pretty impressive. We spent a few hours wandering about and having a good time, and of course, I got my first sun burn of the year! And, I got my bronze pendant to go on my necklace, I’ve been idly looking for a while, but couldn’t see anything that resonated enough for me to want to wear it all the time, since I wear my necklace all the time.. Well, I found something.. now I just need DmentD to re-do my necklace so we can string it on there. The rest of the photos from the day are in the gallery.

March has been an interesting month, we’ve been run off our feet.. in a good way.

Since I’m posting more over on Curious Confections most of the interesting stuff we’ve been up to has been written up over there.

Techmunch was a fantastic day. I learnt plenty, that I’m trying to gradually put into practice. I met lots of wonderful people (my blogroll increased tenfold!) and ate plenty of good food! Well, no one’s going to host an event for food bloggers without making sure there’s some good food on hand. Our food was provided by Parkside, a restaurant on 6th St here in town, that also happened to be the venue. And we had cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s.

I’m trying to involve myself more on the Austin Food Blogger scene, they’re having a potluck in the park next month that I’d like to go to and meet some more people.

We had a jaunt to New Orleans for a birthday party, with a cake in tow. We had the party on the Saturday and we ate our way across the town on the Sunday. Good times! It was a whistle stop visit, but I even helped with some of the drive!

Last week I started my new job. Regular scheduled hours, knowing that I will actually finish when I’m scheduled to finish, near enough to cycle to and from (even if the from trip seems much harder!), fun and entertaining, I’m learning lots and I get tips.. even if I have to declare them so I’ll get taxed on them. I’ll be working Easter Sunday, and on Saturday so I’ll miss half of our crawfish boil.. I’m still making sweet treats for it though.

I can’t believe it’s the end of March, time is flying, I need to get my bike tuned up while I can get it for free, there’s a food and wine festival coming up next month that looks interesting, and my favourite people from the farmers market – Full English, are working to open their own cafe not too far from here!


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I home a lot now, and I’m still not finding time to post here, how very careless of me!

I have been working on turning the Curious Confections blog into an up and running food blog, talking about what we’ve made, what we’re doing and what we’re eating..Have you visited the site recently, you should do, go visit there now then come back to me!

It’s taking a surprising amount of work, planning out what I want to make, especially for events such as Pi(e) day, and St Patricks day, so I have something appropriate to post. Making it, I’m still failing to remember to take progess shots most of the time, but I’m working on it. And then I have to move the photos to my computer, resize and tinker with them, then upload them. Finally I get to actually write the post on the item and publish it.

I’m aiming for a fairly regular posting schedule, Mondays and Fridays.. Wednesdays if possible.. we’ll see what happens.

As part of this I’m going to be attending TECHmunch, a food bloggers conference that’s running during SXSW. It’s being hosted by Steamy Kitchen and Bakespace. I am very excited about it, I can’t wait. Aside from looking exceedingly interesting and having seminars on great topics relevant to running a successful food blog it will provide a great networking opportunity, and also hopefully be good fun. I will of course be giving a full write up on that one!

Life has been life. Job hunting aside. We have two beers brewing now, and just started one mead, it’s all very exciting, and a fascinating process even for me who doesn’t drink beer! DmentD should (at some point) be writing his own posts on the brewing front so I’ll leave that to him.

On Saturday we took a road trip to Rogers in North Texas to visit Walkers honey farm in order to pick up some delicious orange blossom honey for the mead.. and a little for ourselves. They had an astounding range and we’ll definitely be back there to pick up some new and exciting honeys for further mead making.


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In Austin, in February.. It’s obscene! But fun *grins* makes me happy I’m home to have fun in it. Thankfully DmentD and I had seen the forecast so we got some cheap sheets from Goodwill to cover some of the garden with, bringing what we could inside.

It’s mostly melted now.

The rest of today was spent making a roll for all my knitting paraphernalia, it’s taking up space now I have the sets of double pointed needles. Once I’ve finished DmentD’s skull scarf I’m going to start teaching myself to knit in the round.

I made it from scrap material we had laying about, remnants from my ren fair skirt and the shirt and jacket from DmentD’s pirate outfit.. I have no clue where the ribbon was from but it fit in nicely.

A Creepy Short

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Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Actual update coming at some point.. Been busy with things I can’t mention til after the holidays.

Happy Halloween

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Approximately a year ago, in the first six weeks of class, we made a sourdough starter from grapes. We made ones in pairs then after they were going, once the grapes were removed, we put them all together and gave it the name of Bready Kruger.

During the weeks in class that we made bread we used Bready for all our sourdoughs, feeding him regularly to keep him bulked up. At the end of bread class, to save all of Bready from going down the drain we could take home as much as we liked, and were given some basic care instructions.

Since then Bready has lived in our fridge, being fed.. admittedly more sporadically than he should have been, but growing and living and staying alive. Being used occasionally, not as much as we would like, but with intentions to use him more.

Maybe it’s coincidence that we came up with this idea around Bready’s first birthday, maybe it’s some strange play on fate *grins* Either way we came up with a plan.

Where In The World Is Bready Kruger?

The aim, to spread Bready as far across the world as possible.

We bulked Bready up over the weekend and are drying him out. Then (after keeping some for ourselves in the freezer.. a sort of cryogenically frozen clone of Bready) we plan on sending him out, to friends, to family, to whoever wants him and wants to use him.

Then, once they have revitalised him, and brought him back to life, fed him up a bit, we want them to do the same thing, send him on to whoever wants him. Telling people to come to us and tell us where they have sent him, so we can add a pin to the map.

In the hope and dream that eventually we will go to that map and see those pins dotted all over the world.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be adding a new page up top, with details on how to care for Bready, how to dry him out and send him on, a few recipes on how you can use him, with links maybe to other sites that I’ve found useful. And finally, details on how to get us to send you some of Bready (this may involve sending up a stamped addressed envelope or something along those lines).

In the meantime, if you’re interested you can comment here, or email bready(at)eatbake(dot)com
(with appropriate reformatting to make the address work).


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The observant among you will have noticed a new tab up there at the top – Recipes. Created primarily so I can save and back up all those recipes I have sat all over the place, on my desk, in scattered notebooks, some typed up all neatly but still a pain to sort through. Plus I’d eventually like to add all those recipes from class.

Now, some of them will appear publicly, those I want to share with the world and would love to hear about you trying them and succeeding, or failing, it’s all interesting to hear other people’s experiences.

But some of them are going to remain private, so while I’m moaning about adding so many recipes and you can’t see them joining the list, neither of us are going crazy, you’re just not supposed to be seeing them. This may seem a little selfish, wanting to keep some recipes my own, but one day, eventually, I do intend to be making my living off of some of these recipes, I’m developing them right now and I’d rather the world didn’t already know about them by the time the shop opens!

And now, my evenings and weekends are going to be taken up with typing, oh joy *grins* But on the bright side, at least they’ll all get backed up regularly.