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Infrequent Update

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I tell myself I should write here more often, but what to say. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the mundanities of everyday life. I get up crazy early, go to work, come home, play with the pup, do stuff, go to bed.

I have a few random points of interest for today. A couple months ago we built Es a dog door so she can come and go as she pleases.


She’s 8 months old and close enough to her adult size now, about 40lbs.


I came home from work today and found a praying mantis on the recycling bin.


Finally, we recently discovered a salvage place in town, Backyard Salvage and Garden. We went there looking for wood for a beat up picture frame we’re making, but I had fun just wandering about.

Geeky Squee

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Simon Pegg came to town, and of course we had to go and see him, we even got to say hi.. he told DmentD to take care of me *grins*

There was a collective “awww” when he snuggle with a baby that someone had brought with them, you could almost hear all the hormones of the women in the room bubble away!

Here There Be Dragons…

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A look at my latest craft project, I got the pattern from here, and everything else from Joanns Fabrics (except the stuffing which was stupidly cheap at Walmart).

Aren’t they adorably cute! One is a little “special” looking, he was my practice so I could get the second one looking good since it’s a present (it’s alright, she’s only a month old this won’t ruin the surprise for her!).

Stephen Fry

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Happy New Year

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It was a hectic holiday season. Between the two jobs (both of which got busier for the holidays) and making presents and being social and doing all the things we usually do I don’t think I stopped during the month of December at all. It makes me glad they’re over and I’ve had a semi relaxing day today.. still lots of clean up to do but we’re almost there.

Disturbingly, this photo of me pulling faces, is one of the best photos of me from the holidays.. I’m not sure what that says about me!

Earlier in the month we went to Johnson City to see the lights.. they were uninspiring mostly, except for the lights around the electric company.

We got a few new decorations this year.

Christmas day was split in two. For lunch we went and joined one group of friends, for dinner another.

I got a great series of photos of our box of goodies being opened…

And I think the pups were keen on their treats.

There was fun, merriment and food comas all round! I’d call that a successful Christmas!

Hope 2011 is everything you want it to be!


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August Update

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Well, my birthday came and went. We went to the Lion and Rose, an “English” pub. It was a fun meal, not particularly authentic but tasty. They even had a guy playing bagpipes to ring in the dusk. I was impressed, there’s someone in Austin who can not only play bagpipes, but can play them well! We then had everyone round to ours to enjoy our hard lemonade and homebrew. DmentD spoiled me and got me some ravioli moulds, there’ll be a post going up on CC with my first attempt with them.

Life has been carrying on as normal. I got a minor promotion at work, so I’m now working in stationary and multimedia. I’m also working in the cafe still, I’m not sure how long that’s going to carry on for, but the extra hours are appreciated.

We had a 40th birthday party for a friend (July is just chock full of birthdays), we made a cake that appeared on CC on Monday.

The garden is going well, lots of cherry tomatoes and peppers. The banana plant is taking off, no fruit but looking amazing.

I did the unthinkable and joined a gym! I know! It’s appalling! I’ve been swimming semi-regularly and made it up to an hour last week.. now I just need to work on taking less breaks within that hour.

And now, inĀ  the immortal words of Porky Pig Tttttthat’s all folks!

I Had A Dream

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I wasn’t going to say more than I’ve already said on twitter about it, but DmentD was sure that I needed to write it up in detail it was that entertaining to him.. and while I don’t usually do what he tells me *grins* I decided that since it was weird and strange and bizarre the rest of the world needed to know about it.

I had been captured, by witches, and was tied in the centre of a clearing in the middle of the woods to be sacrificed to the big black bear that lived there. It was the middle of the night and the bear came along, but instead of mauling me he sat down and talked to me. That’s right, it’s now a talking big black bear.

He released me, but told me to stay in the clearing overnight and he would see me home safely in the morning. While I slept I dreamed. I dreamed about a cake, a wonderful cake, an amazing cake. And when I woke in the morning I had to make the cake for the bear… in the woods… with no ingredients or facilities. But somehow I managed it and the cake was made. I gave it to the bear and then went home.

I would love to know what any dream analysers can make of that crazy bizarreness!

As soon as I woke I had to write down the cake idea as it truly was an awesome cake and I need to make it some day!

Garden and Things

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Carrying on the trend of not really writing about anything, here are a few more recent photos of the garden.

First, remember that photo I posted of the new grass growing. This is what it looks like now… actually, DmentD mowed it down this weeked, but prior to that this is what it looked like *grins* It grew well, and now we know that seed works we’ll gradually fill in the bare patches across the rest of the garden.

Our tomatoes are growing well. These two were our first to fruit, just small cherry tomatoes, but the rest of them seem to be coming along and starting to fruit now.

Finally, some random photos of the clouds one evening.

Garden aside, life is plodding along. Nothing special happening. We’re brewing, we’re cooking, we’re working.. much the same as ever!