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Project 52

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Week 2

I treated myself to a new camera recently. My first DSLR.

As a way to learn how to use the camera to the best of it’s abilities, and as a way to improve my photography, I’m completing a 52 challenge.

That’s a photograph a week, for a year. Each week has a theme, from a list I found online. I’ve already had a wobbly start *grins* week one was supposed to be uploaded last week but I really didn’t like what I had taken, so I retried it with a different shot while I was working on week 2.

I’ve created a 52 gallery so if you feel like following along you can see them all there as I put them up.

Sherwood Faire 2013

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You know I don’t update this blog very often when the post from last year’s trip to the ren faire is still on the front page when I’m writing this year’s trip!

We’ve been really enjoying the Sherwood Ren Faire. Not only is it nice and close so we can make it as a day trip (Es also appreciates this fact), but it’s nice to see it grow and evolve as they get a little older.

We got there nice and early this year, almost immediately after they had opened. DmentD got accosted by a “frenchman” who wanted to use him as research for his “gay pirate romance novel”.. he settled for a hug *grins*

After some coffee sat listening to bagpipes of all things we watched the pirate show. Mostly (read: definitely) aimed at kids, but entertaining!

A leisurely wander about stopping for the glass blowing display (he made a beer tankard) and the jousting. A different crew form last year, but full contact. I do love a good joust!

We ended the day at the pub with a bottle of mead and the Bedlam Bards!

Photos in the usual spot – see you next year Sherwood!

This Is Halloween

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Well, our annual shindig has been and gone and it’s time to share the photos.

We went a little different with our invites this year, making them and mailing them out rather than leaving them on doorsteps. We made them as ransom notes, meticulously cutting out all the letters from the local papers.. but only the once. We copied the original and printed the rest out!

I made a couple of things for the party this year. First up this wreath for the front door – feathery and full of eye balls. Made from feather boas it’s just cute enough *grins*

Next came these candles that I dotted about the place. Made from pvc and hot glue, then painted and aged. They have battery powered tealights inside them that give a nice glow and flicker without the fire hazard!

We ended up pumpkin carving at midnight in order to get everything done.

We made the usual array of food, I went a little crazy with the cake and the gingerdead men, yes, you read that right, gingeDEAD men! I was cackling inside my head while piping the blood on them.

We took our usual portraits as people arrived, I think we may have only missed one or two this year!

Happy Halloween!

(rest of the photos in the usual place)

Cajun Pride Swamp Tour

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This past weekend we were back in New Orleans for a visit. Aside from our usual spending time with friends and family and eating our way across the city this trip we decided to have a go at something touristy and go on a swamp tour.

Dmentd consulted with a family member who has been on several tours to find a good one and we ended up going with Cajun Pride just outside of the city near La Place. We booked a nice early tour, 9.30am, in the hopes it would be a little cooler then.

They own that section of swamp so nothing is disturbed by hunting, in fact the gators recognise the boats and know that they bring food (bits of chicken, not the passengers!) so if they’re hungry they mosey on over to the boat so we can get a good look at them.

It was a beautiful time of day to be out on the water.

We were also lucky enough to spot some racoons playing on a bank.

And a baby gator (about 2 years old) was passed around the boat for us to get a good look.

I took an awful lot of photos so go on over to the gallery to see the rest of them!

Fun At The Faire

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Saturday was a beautiful day – cool and sunny. And more importantly, I wasn’t working. So we headed to the Faire! Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire to be exact. While the ren faire is a day out we both enjoy we haven’t made it to one in a couple years, in fact the last faire we went to was Sherwood in it’s opening year, two years ago.

Costumes were pulled out the closet and dusted off and off we set.

We had a really nice relaxed day. We had an idea of a few shows we wanted to see and we took the rest as it came. Stopping for a coffee and sitting on a patio overlooking one stage for a while (very nice band, good backround music), stopping at another show because the guy was playing with fire *grins*

The first show we wanted to hit up was the falconry, and I’m glad we did. It was very informative, they kept the birds moving from post to post so everyone could get a good look. The only downside was it wasn’t shaded!

Right after the falconry was the joust. Performed by Knights of Mayhem, who armour up and go full contact. Much better than the jousting at Texas ren when we saw it (oh look, the lance came within 5 foot of me, I shall leap off my horse). One of the team sadly had a hurt back which hindered the joust a little, but it was a very good show. If they’re ever near you I’d recommend them, they put on a good show.

We caught the “Dirty at 3.30″ by the Bedlam Bards. Entertaining and fun to listen to with a glass of mead. We then finished up with the mud show before heading home. Worn out, dusty, tired and happy! We’ll try not to leave it so long next time.

See all the photos in the gallery.

Happy Christmas

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Esme also wants to know when she can open this present.

Halloween Delayed

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Normally at this time of year we’re rushing to get Halloween built, all of our plans coming together and hopefully something good coming out at the end of it.. not so much this year.

As I’ve mentioned, we started redecorating our front room, this wasn’t a small task and as well as it taking up all of our time, it swallowed all of our money too! It’s at a stopping point right now, we’ll pick it up again when we can. but it’s looking good.

Last time I dropped in everything was covered in plastic awaiting ceiling work. Thankfully scraping the ceiling wasn’t too bad, the work of a couple of hours for the two of us (if you weren’t previously aware, spray the ceiling with water first to moisten the drywall then it’ll scrape off in big ribbons). The following evening we re-textured the ceiling, spraying it with a drywall compound and then knocking it down. The following couple of evenings painting it white. It looks good, it’s much less obnoxious and we can’t wait to get the rest of the house done up the same way.


Then the plastic came off the walls and we got to painting. We chose provence cream (aka pale yellow!) for the hallway and coral gold for the front room. On the bare walls the coral gold looked very… bright, the high wattage halogen work lights we were using didn’t help either. But with our usual lights and natural light coming in the window it seems much softer, and it’s a nice warm welcome into the house.

We steam cleaned the carpets while the floor was clear which of course summoned the much needed rain… so our nice clean carpets became covered in muddy paw prints.. I think it became a game for Es to run outside and see how far inside she could get before we got to her feet with the towel!

Then the bookcases went up, I cannot tell you how happy this made me! Furniture was moved in (putting out my back in the process – it’s sore but much better now) and the books went up on the shelves along with some knick-knacks to fill the gaps until we buy more books *grins* Yes, I am wearing a brace while I sorted the books, you’re correct, I probably shouldn’t have done that with a bad back. But I did it anyway, I was in my element sorting them all out and getting them “just-so” I would have stopped if it hurt too bad… promise!

So all that is left is ceiling molding, skirting boards and molding around the doors. We intend to do a stained wood. And we’re also going to make a media cabinet to store the computer and wii etc, and sit the tv on top, right now we’re using the coffee table, the table it was sat on has become an end table for the sofa.

Es did admirably throughout all of this and thoroughly enjoyed it when she had no obstacles in her way when racing round the living room. She’s doing well now,  she’ll be 10 months next weekend – almost a year!

This is her classic pose, we liken it to a child stretched out with a colouring book!

So we’re finally working on Halloween now, there’ll be no backdrop this year, and I have no idea what my costume will be. But we’re getting there!

6 Months

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What a difference 6 months makes…

Infrequent Update

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I tell myself I should write here more often, but what to say. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the mundanities of everyday life. I get up crazy early, go to work, come home, play with the pup, do stuff, go to bed.

I have a few random points of interest for today. A couple months ago we built Es a dog door so she can come and go as she pleases.


She’s 8 months old and close enough to her adult size now, about 40lbs.


I came home from work today and found a praying mantis on the recycling bin.


Finally, we recently discovered a salvage place in town, Backyard Salvage and Garden. We went there looking for wood for a beat up picture frame we’re making, but I had fun just wandering about.

Geeky Squee

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Simon Pegg came to town, and of course we had to go and see him, we even got to say hi.. he told DmentD to take care of me *grins*

There was a collective “awww” when he snuggle with a baby that someone had brought with them, you could almost hear all the hormones of the women in the room bubble away!