Caramel Pudding

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16oz Milk
3tbsp Cornstarch
1tsp Vanilla
1/8tsp Salt
113g Sugar

Yields 4 Ramekins

Whisk 4oz milk with cornstarch, vanilla and salt until smooth. Set aside.
In a pan combine the sugar with enough water to form ‘wet sand’ cook to a deep caramel.
Heat up the rest of the milk and gradually whisk into the caramel.
Return to heat and simmer for 10 minutes (any leftover caramel lumps should have dissolved).
Whisk in the cornstarch mix, cook for about a minute until thickened.
Strain and pour into serving cups or ramekins. Cover with cling wrap (right on the surface to prevent a skin). Refrigerate until cold.

From Smitten Kitchen

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