1.5lb Bread Flour
1oz Butter
1tsp Salt
1 Sachet Dried Yeast (0.5oz)
12oz Warm Water

Temperature 450F/230C
2lb Loaf Tin, oiled

Rub together the flour and butter. Stir in the salt.
Once the salt is thoroughly mixed in add the yeast.
Slowly add the water and form a dough.
Knead until smooth.
Place in an oiled bowl covered with cling film or a damp towel until it has doubled in size.
On a floured surface gently knock back and shape into the loaf tin.
Cover and leave to proof.
Bake for 35-40 minutes.

Where the recipe calls for warm water 80-90F/27-32C is ideal. Any hotter and you run the risk of killing the yeast. Yeast will die at 132F/55C. Cooler and it will take too long to activate.

Proofing is best in warm humid conditions. Letting it sit in the bathroom (covered of course) while you have a shower works surprisingly well! Letting it sit on the side in a cool kitchen will work, it’ll just take longer.

To test if bread is baked turn it out and knock on the bottom, if it sounds hollow it is done.
Alternatively probe it, an internal temperature of 200F/94C is done.

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