August Update

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Well, my birthday came and went. We went to the Lion and Rose, an “English” pub. It was a fun meal, not particularly authentic but tasty. They even had a guy playing bagpipes to ring in the dusk. I was impressed, there’s someone in Austin who can not only play bagpipes, but can play them well! We then had everyone round to ours to enjoy our hard lemonade and homebrew. DmentD spoiled me and got me some ravioli moulds, there’ll be a post going up on CC with my first attempt with them.

Life has been carrying on as normal. I got a minor promotion at work, so I’m now working in stationary and multimedia. I’m also working in the cafe still, I’m not sure how long that’s going to carry on for, but the extra hours are appreciated.

We had a 40th birthday party for a friend (July is just chock full of birthdays), we made a cake that appeared on CC on Monday.

The garden is going well, lots of cherry tomatoes and peppers. The banana plant is taking off, no fruit but looking amazing.

I did the unthinkable and joined a gym! I know! It’s appalling! I’ve been swimming semi-regularly and made it up to an hour last week.. now I just need to work on taking less breaks within that hour.

And now, inĀ  the immortal words of Porky Pig Tttttthat’s all folks!

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